Consilium Novamarine

Founded in 1977 Novamarine Instruments Pty. Limited today is a leading sales and service organisation providing specialised technical support to the marine, defence and transport industries. Our client base is broad in both geographical and market sectors.

The Company’s activities include, the repair and maintenance of a wide variety of marine navigation aids, communication equipment, power management, cargo handling and automation systems. We can provide installation, commissioning and project supervision for special projects individually suited to customer specifications.

In January 2015 Novamarine Instruments Pty Ltd was acquired by Consilium AB and became Consilium Novamarine Pty Ltd, also increasing our product offering into Fire and Gas detection systems, VDR, Speed Log and Engine emission monitoring system.

The company's modern workshop located at 30 Downie Street, Wickham, is fitted with a wide variety of test equipment suitable for analogue and digital applications, with facilities for the repair, testing and calibration of instruments and electronic equipment.

The services provided by Consilium Novamarine Pty. Limited are divided into the following areas:-

The workshop and on-site repair and servicing of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment associated with the instrumentation and electronics industry.

  • The provision of installation labour, supervision and commissioning skills to on-site projects.
  • The procurement, installation, commissioning and supervision of systems which are individually suited to Customer specifications.
  • The provision of consultancy skills to assess and evaluate equipment in the instrumentation and electronics industry.
  • The marketing and sales of equipment selected by the Board of Directors.